Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery (Interesting to know!)

The main causes of premature skin aging - is sun exposure, smoking, lack of skin care and genetic predisposition. Therefore, to prevent the skin from aging, the first thing to do - to quit smoking is to start strong sunscreen and properly care for the skin. But if the problem is already evident, even when using the best wrinkle creams can not completely disappear, they can only slightly reduced. Please note, any creams can only warn the appearance of wrinkles. There is one crucial way to solve the problem of existing wrinkles - is a cosmetic dermatology and hirurgiya.Naprimer - laser recovery. The laser removed the upper thin layer of skin, a skin burn created which is then processed specially. At the site of the burn there is a new elastic skin. So you can get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and lips, scars, age spots, do lift, lower eyelid. The operation does not involve incisions, then there will be no scarring. The result will be seen immediately, but after about a year. This is because the laser is not simply mechanically removes wrinkles, but also stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for its resilience and flexibility. The laser removes fine scars from acne. Laser Recovery - quite an expensive operation. One can resort to cosmetic surgery, or in other words, facelift. After it are left with scars. Owners of aging skin will help lift overall. But the most effective combination of several methods, such as laser and suspenders. There is another way - mikrobraziya. Compared with the laser, it is more superficial surgery. It can help get rid of fine lines or small traces of acne. It is important to observe the rules of skin care after the operation, which will be prescribed by a doctor, otherwise all the positive result will be lost. Young cells that result from the operations are on the surface, are in need of special care. Microbrasia is ideal for women of thirty - forty years, whose skin is already fading, but not yet in need of serious intervention such as braces. To smooth the wrinkles, you can resort to the injection of the polymer Artecol. There is also a procedure that is based on electrical stimulation of facial muscles, it is called microbiolifting. To get rid of facial wrinkles using injections of botulinum toxin. Due to these muscles relax, the skin is smoothed. But the effect of the operation only lasts six to nine months, then the procedure must be repeated. It remains only to say that if you have decided on a procedure for the sake of beauty, then try to find a real expert. Remember, you trust him not only its beauty, but also your life. This Article been added by member of the website.