Extreme Eyelash Extensions VS Crazy Eyelash Extensions

How bad are the eyelash Extensions? Extreme Eyelash Extensions VS Crazy Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming very popular with women of all ages. Anyone and everyone can benefit from having eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can be compared to hair extensions, except they are for your eyelashes. They are designed to make your eyelashes look thicker, fuller and longer which gives your eyes a more dramatic look. Because eyelash extensions come in different lengths, colors and thicknesses, a person can choose their look, from natural to outrageous! Another plus is you don’t have to fuss with mascara or eyelash curlers when you have eyelash extensions. Say goodbye to clumping mascara, black smudges under your eyes and makeup remover! Eyelash extensions are also a great option for people who have thinning eyelashes of their own. Some illnesses and their treatments, like cancer and chemotherapy, cause hair thinning, including eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can allow a person to obtain a natural look, which helps to minimize the stress surrounding the person’s changing appearance. There is a FAT line between eyelash extensions and extreme to simply crazy eyelash extensions. Always ask your dermatologist what would be a good option for you