What is Eczema and how can it be treated?

Suffering with any form of skin condition can really put a damper on your confidence. The list of the skin conditions is endless, but I wanted to go dig into one specific one, which is more common than you might have realized, Eczema. What is Eczema? What causes Eczema and how can your treat it? What is Eczema? This is an inflammation of the skin and it is said to “flare-up” from time to time. In most cases, Eczema will start in early childhood and can differ from mild to severe cases. Like a lot of diseases, there is no cure for Eczema, but it can in fact be treated, which might control the symptoms. There are different types of Eczema, but the most common on is Atopic Eczema. Some people might think that this is just an allergic reaction, where in fact it isn’t. Research has shown that people who suffer from Atopic Eczema has an increased risk of suffering from other Atopic condition such as hay fever or asthma. What are the symptoms of Eczema?

  • Dry skin;
  • Redness on some areas of the skin;
  • Inflammation on some areas of the skin;
  • Itchy skin;
  • Blistered and weepy skin in some cases;
  • As a result of the inflammation, the skin might become infected.

How can I treat Eczema? One might think that the treatment for Eczema is as simple just putting a certain cream on, but it’s not.

  • First you have to avoid anything that might cause itchiness or irritate your skin—Simple things such as bubble baths might cause and irritation as it dries out your skin. If a certain area is itchy, try not to scratch as it will just inflame the process. If you really do need to “scratch”, opt for just softly rubbing your fingers over the area, do not use your nails. Fabrics such as wool should be avoided, as you can just image how it will irritate your skin. Always rinse your clothes well after your have washed them—I know for me, there are certain detergents that I just cannot use, because I know that this will cause irritation.
  • Secondly you have to use Emollients—Remember that people who suffer from Eczema have a higher risk of dry skin. Emollients can be found in lotions and creams which really help with dry skin. They work by oiling the skin as well as preventing itchiness. This is I would is say it the most important routine that you would have to follow on a daily basis. Emollients can be used as often as needed to keep your skin from becoming dry and itchy.Eczema
  • Thirdly you would have to use Topical Steroids—No, you won’t have to inject yourself with any steroids, as these can be found in certain creams and ointments. These help by minimizing the inflammation of the skin. These are very different from Anabolic Steroids and are grouped into 4 categories; mild, moderately potent, potent and very potent. There are also different brands on the market, but I would suggest that you see a specialist before you decide on a certain brand.

Yes, the sad news is that Eczema cannot be cured, but as you can see, it can be treated which may result in fewer symptoms. Leave us a comment and share your experience with us.