How to choose the right Skin Care Products for your skin

 Choosing the right Skin Care products is as important as eating and breathing! You have to keep you skin healthy in every way possible. People have different reason for choosing different skin care products; like problem skin, oily skin and dry skin to name a few. On the other side of the scale, there are so many different skin care products to choose from, that you might feel overwhelmed when you have to make a decision. Know your skin! This is something you have to know before you even go to the shop to buy a skin care product. You have to determine if you have combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, a very sensitive skin, but also what complexion you have. To use myself as an example—in the mornings when I wake up, there’s areas that’s oily, but during the day, there’s other areas that are dry, which means that I have combination skin, so I know straight away that my skin care products has to compliment my combination skin. Do you have any skin care concerns? Most of the skin care products that are on the market these days, will only address the very basics of skin care, such as anti-aging or spot control. If you have any skin care concerns, you might want to do some research or speak to a professional about it. These concerns may include acne, rosacea and things like large pores and blackheads. You do get certain products that address these concerns, which is why it would be suggested that you speak to a professional about it. And don’t be afraid to ask! If you have a concern and want answers, but you’re not sure if it is a valid question, think again…this might seem small to you, but if you don’t ask, you won’t know. Professionals are there because they want to be there, go see one! This tie in with my previous tip, if you feel that you are unsure about your skin type or complexion or any other skin care related concerns, go see a professional. This is what Dermatologists love doing and they are there to help, make use of their services. There are plenty skin care treatment centers and Dermatologists to choose from, so start shopping around! Make your decision about what skin care products you want to use. Now that you have the answers to the tips I mentioned above, you can go ahead and choose your skin care products accordingly. The price for your skin care products will be determined on which brand you choose, there really is a variety. That being said, I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”. I will much rather spend a little bit extra on a really good skin care product, knowing that I get a really good product. A couple of other small things to keep in mind when choosing skin care products:

  • Would you prefer to use an organic skin care product—this can really be a deal breaker for some people!
  • Start small—if you buy a very expensive skin care product, opt for buying only what is necessary; face wash, night cream and day cream is good to start with. From there you can start building up your range with things like serums, exfoliators and spot treatments.
  • Also try educating yourself on skin care and certain skin care products that’s on the market.
  • Remember to use skin care products that works together—it is pointless to use one skin care product that will “cancel” another out.
  • See what the long and short-term side effects are—for example, how will your new skin care product work for you skin in 5 years from now?

Now that you know how to choose the right skin care products for your skin type, you can start the assessment, followed by a trip to the shop to get your skin care products. I can promise you that when you use the right skin care products, you will not regret it and you will see and feel a difference in no time! Organic skin care products