How to find a good Dermatologist

 Last week we spoke about what the role of a Dermatologist is, but this week I want to give you some tips on finding a good Dermatologist. I will also give you a sneak-peek of what to be weary of when it comes to finding a good Dermatologist! Choosing a good Dermatologist Tip 1; Referrals—It is never a bad idea to talk to your friends and see if they have had any good experiences with good Dermatologists in the past. Remember that the “proof is in the pudding”, so asking for referrals from friends can be a really great start. Another way to retrieve referrals is online of course, go do some research and check out the reviews of certain Dermatologists. Choosing a good Dermatologist Tip 2; Make the Call—Once you have made your decision on one or two specific Dermatologists that might be of interest to you, make a call to their office. A good Dermatologist will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have with regards to your skin problems, before you make the appointment. Don’t be put down if they cannot take your call right away, a good Dermatologist will phone back! Choosing a good Dermatologist Tip 3; Even more Referrals—A good Dermatologist won’t hesitate to provide you with testimonials of previous clients. Skin care and trust goes hand-in-hand, so once you have seen the testimonials of previous clients that connection of trust will be established. A good Dermatologist will also be more than happy to share their qualifications and training history with you—if they are hesitant about this subject; I suggest you think about choosing another Dermatologist. Choosing a good Dermatologist Tip 4; Assessing your skin—A good Dermatologist should set up an assessment session BEFORE they start making any recommendations. How can they make a recommendation if they haven’t assessed you? You should not be forced into going ahead with treatment and your Dermatologist should provide you with reasons as to why she is recommending the treatment she did. A sneak-peek into what to look out for—When your Dermatologist starts to pressure you into booking and paying for your treatment straight away, opt for finding a new Dermatologist. If your Dermatologist is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, this can be very dangerous—you should NEVER feel uncomfortable as a result of your Dermatologist. Also watch out for recommendations that is not accurate—you might end up having to go for more treatment in order to fix the damage! When you have chosen your Dermatologist, make sure they are board-certified; otherwise you will end up with loads of problems on your hands! Remember that your skin is incredibly important and using the wrong Dermatologist will result in boo-boo’s that will end up costing your fortunes! 

New York Times Quote - Good Dermatologist New York Times Quote - Good Dermatologist. These are tips I have for finding a good Dermatologist—take some time and read this article that appeared in the New York Times about Dermatologists in New York. Leave us your thoughts about finding a good Dermatologist--especially in New York!