Everything you need to know about Tanning Beds

I am firm believer that when you are nice and brown from tanning, you look healthier. If you choose to tan indoors, this can be a great way to look nice for the summer or your next trip. I wanted to get into some secrets that you need to know before you decide to step into a tanning bed. First you have to remember that tanning beds use UV lights to give your skin that nice tan tone, so it is obvious that the more you are exposed to UV light, the tanner your skin will appear. There’s 3 different kinds of UV rays; UVC, UVB and UVA. To this into perspective, if you lay in the sun, your skin is exposed to all 3 of these UV rays—you will never know how much of these UV rays you are getting, as this will depend on the atmospheric changes. When you are using a tanning bed, your skin is exposed to UVA and some UVB rays. A tanning bed is designed to protect your skin from UVC rays, as this is the most harmful to your skin.Pick a clean salon You have to make it your goal to pick a clean salon, one that has a good reputation. Also look for one that offer a free first session, so you are able to check the place out. How often should you tan? This will obviously determine how much you will be spending on your tanning sessions. In most salons you will find that they have certain tanning packages that you would be able to choose from, so how many times you tan is up to you—but there is a limit of 1 tan per 24 hours. Your tanning toolbox You have to wear protective eye wear to protect your eyes from the UV rays—don’t obsess about the eye wear leaving lines on your face; they are designed to cover just your eye and nothing else. Indoor tanning lotion is a must! Outdoor oil is a no-no, as they can damage the acrylic in the tanning bed, which will result in an uneven tan. Opt for a moisturizer that will keep your skin soft, but that will also help you get the golden brown tan that you are aiming for. It is vitally important to keep you skin moisturized before and after tanning, dry skin won’t hold the tan. Don’t overdo the tanning Each tanning session should range from 15-20 minutes. If you have pale skin and this is your fist time using a tanning bed, opt for 7-8 minutes for the first 2 days and work your way up every 2 days. Tanning for too long on your first day is not a good idea, this will just result in burnt skin and you will be sorry. I would recommend that you don’t tan more than 3 times a week—this will give you the perfect tan; not too dark, just right! Take a shower after tanning Read is advisable that you read the instructions on you tanning lotion first, as most of them suggest that you wait 30 min before you shower. Lotions for tanning bed contain a special ingredient that has to stay on for some time after tanning and showering will just wash this off—which kind of defeats the point! Remember that tanning will dry out your skin, so remember to always keep your skin moisturized after every tan! Switch your position I normally switch my position every other day—lying on my back the one day and the next day on my stomach; this will result in an even tanned look. I also lie with arms above sometimes, as the armpit area normally results in lines. In conclusion, indoor tanning can be a great alternative for outdoor tanning, but like everything else, it has its negatives. Stay connected next week for some things that no one tells you when it comes to tanning beds.