9 Amazing skin care tips for the cold season

 When it comes to skin and winter, these are 2 things that do not exactly sit around the same camp fire. The good news is, with these skin care tips for the cold season; this won’t be a problem at all! Skin Care Tip #1-Using retinoid all year round can do wonders for your skin In the winter, you don’t have to use a huge amount; a small amount is more than enough for your whole face area. This can be used in conjunction with a rich night cream—remember that if you experience irritation, just mix it with your moisturizer. Skin Care Tip #2-Pamper yourself with a weekly maskThis will help prevent dry skin, as it will uplift your moisture level. What works like a charm is pumpkin, green tea and antioxidants as they are all very hydrating. Skin Care Tip #3-Exfoliate kindly This can be done up to 3 times a week by using a facial wash with nothing more than 5% salicylic. If your skin is extra sensitive, dilute it with the same amount of water. Skin Care Tip #4-Avoid using a cleanser that is too dry I know for me in winter my face feels like leather, instead of soft and smooth, but this is as a result of my cleanser being too drying. Remember that winter and summer is not the same, so your cleanser should differ as well, especially if your face feels like leather. In winter it is better to switch to a rich, cream formula, as this will be much more gentle and hydrating.Skin Care Tip #5-Redness in winter Freezing weather, constant wind and lack humidity—this is what winter is about—but these conditions can lead to itchy and red cheeks. Settle your skin with products that contain licorice, chamomile and green tea—this will help you to fight the redness, but it will also soothe your skin. Skin Care Tip #6-Avoid bubble baths I know right? You are probably thinking, “Do I have to?” The truth is that the foam might feel very luscious, but it strips away the natural oils. If you are like me and can’t go without you bubble bath, rather go for something with a fragrance-free, mild cream cleanser—but make sure it’s got less than 1% sodium.Skin Care Tip #7-Lukewarm showers/baths is better Avoid making your shower or bath water too hot, rather opt for lukewarm water. Cleanse with a hydrating body wash and loofah. Also avoid staying in the water for too long, as this will dry out your skin even more. When you get out, pat until almost dry and apply a hydrating lotion straight after. Skin Care Tip #8-Keeping your skin hydrated at all times This is incredibly important at all times in winter, as the cold weather will dry out your skin very fast. Look for lotions and potions that’s packed with hyaluronic acid and ceramides—both of these locks in moisture. Skin Care Tip #9-Adapt your diet Not only will you feel better inside, but this will also help your skin. Try cutting back on caffeine and alcohol—in know there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee on the couch in front of the TV though. But if you nourish from the inside out, you will reap the benefits. Increase your water intake and eat loads of raw fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants. ]Skin Care Tips Skin Care Tips. Good “housekeeping” for your skin is important all year round. Try these skin care tips this winter and notice the difference from dry to smooth skin!