Botox-Procedure or non-surgical face lift by AL Dermatology.

Botox-Procedure or non-surgical face lift by AL Dermatology.

Today, the procedure of facial rejuvenation without surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States and Europe. Calibration is done with injections of Botox, the effect of which makes the drug is almost universal. Facelift procedure is called Botox-lifting. Statistics show that in 2005 alone, Botox injections, which were made to rejuvenate the face, were introduced about 3.3 million patients. Of course, Botox provides only temporary results, but its effectiveness as a preparation for the rejuvenation of the face, making it very popular. Not the last role and the fact that Botox, the effects of the introduction of the organism which are kept to a minimum, is a gentle way, that is, after the Botox-Procedure recovery period is not as such. Currently, facial rejuvenation without surgery, using injections of Botox can be put on a par with such procedures as laser rejuvenation. Botulinum toxin is one of the most effective drugs used for rapid rejuvenation. The process of aging in the face Average facial tissue, periorbital area, eyebrows and forehead, tend to fall, which is a permanent part of the aging process of the skin, which affects two-thirds of the face. Skin aging is reflected in the vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows shifted closer to the skin of the upper eyelid area, shift down the outer parts of the eyebrows, the formation of "crow's feet" (wrinkles outer corner of the eye), the downward movement of the skin of the upper cheek area, the formation of the furrow "eyelid- cheek ", etc. All of this affects the appearance of a man who looks tired and sad.

A non-surgical face lift (Botox-lifting) Picture 01 A non-surgical procedure (Botox) Picture 01.   No less typical are skin changes as the amount of collagen and elastic fibers will diminish with time. The aging process affects not only the soft tissue, which tend to sag. Aging and skin itself. In particular, subcutaneous fat zygomatic area underneath the skin becomes thinner. A fat in the neck area becomes larger. A person changes the volume. As a young person like an egg, the narrow portion of which is at the bottom. With the aging of "egg" is inverted so that the narrow part at the top.A non-surgical face lift (Botox-lifting) Picture 02 A non-surgical face lift (Botox) Picture 02. The effect of Botox-lifting A non-surgical face lift (Botox-Procedure), uses to achieve this goal the primary mechanism of the drug, which is the time a local chemical denervation of the muscles necessary. This causes the muscle receives a temporary paralysis whereby smoothing is part of the skin located directly over the muscle. This effect provides a smoothing of facial wrinkles. If Botox is injected into the muscles which are responsible for lowering certain parts of the face, the muscles activated start-antagonists. In other words, the suppression of lowering the muscles, the muscles are activated by lifting. This provides a lift or lift the tissues that fell from the age-related changes. For example, if properly administered Botox into the muscles responsible for the lowering of the eyebrows, it activates the muscle responsible for raising the eyebrows, which guarantees the lifting of tissues eyebrows and forehead, descended with age.

A non-surgical face lift (Botox-lifting) Picture 03 A non-surgical face lift (Botox-Procedure) Picture 03.  From the above we can conclude that Botox achieves both effects at once: rear face cloth, which lowered with age, as well as wrinkles. Botox-lifting - procedure, the effectiveness of which is determined by age. Maximum efficiency will be observed in people aged 30-45 years, that is, in those patients who have little or srednevyrazhennymi changes of the skin. Botox-lifting takes ten to fifteen minutes. During the procedure the patient can recline or sit in a chair, depending of the procedure. Pre necessary to clean the skin, and to treat it with certain disinfectants. Thereafter, the doctor starts mark points at which are intended for injection. At these points will be administered Botox. The procedure is carried out using a disposable insulin syringe. Once the procedure is finished, the injection site is treated with an antiseptic. Botox-lifting, as well as the procedure for the introduction of Botox in the lips - is a painless procedure that uses microneedles as a specialist, Botox is administered to the patient in small doses. As we have said, Botox-lifting does not imply a recovery period. But experts recommend patients for three to four hours in a vertical position. It is advisable not to lift weights, do not bend, do not put stress muscles undergoing the procedure. Kneading and massaging the injection site is prohibited during the day! In addition, the first two weeks is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol, as well as the sauna, saunas, solariums, blending hot packs. That is, the patient should refrain from the effects of high temperatures on the treated area, as this can reduce the effect. Once these deadlines have passed, the restrictions are canceled. Lifting effect after Botox-lifting may not appear immediately. But after a week or two it is already possible to see the full results.

A non-surgical face lift (Botox-lifting) Before and After A non-surgical face lift (Botox-Procedure) Before and After.  Botox - before and after the procedure The effect of Botox-lifting will notice not only the patient, but also by others. The patient's face takes on freshness and youth. It has the correct shape (inverted egg), and making almost no wrinkles. A second procedure can be done in a year after the first treatment, when the effect of it will weaken.