New York Walmart Flipflop Chemical Burning Case Reported

She purchased a pair of cheap flip flops from a Walmart store in the US for a photo composition she had in mind.[/caption] The story of the burnt foot from flip-flops confirmed my Fear that I had suffered a Chemical Burnt from a Black Flip Flop, bought at Walmarts too. Unfortunately three doctors have not yet identified why I suddenly developed dried, Cracked skin under my booth feet and on the sides. I long suspected the Flip Flops threw one away in 2005 and bought a Fresh one (for the Beach) thinking that I might have developed a “Fungus.” When it got worse the dermatologist said that it was definitely not a fungus…

He prescribed gave me a very expensive cream for dry skin and said the Dry skin might be hereditary. My general practitioner sent me to get a pedicure and the podiatrist treated the cuts himself with Bettamine and E45, and in May the Chemist suggested A&D. That’s quite a lot of follow-up and the cuts still continue with a Blackened area and around the skin gets dried again and again and then splits-showing deep lacerations. They close then split again. I continued to suspect that it appeared as a chemical burn and up till now have not found any other cases on the web but many friends who had throw their Flipflops just I had done, buying new ones again. Did you come across any doctor who can diagnose that my feet are chemically burnt? I have been telling everyone so for the last two years and I suffer in silence most times. Please answer me if you can as I need to do something about these cracks that keep coming again and again.