Top 5 Nutrients for Healthy Skin

Nutrients for healthy skin? Yes, Dermatologists can do wonders for your skin, but healthy skin doesn’t only appear on the surface, it goes skin deep. Your diet plays a massive part in healthy skin—having a poor diet will most likely result in problematic skin. We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Nutrients for Healthy Skin—remember that your body needs the right amount of minerals and vitamins on a daily basis in order to stay healthy! 


Nutrients for Healthy Skin #1 Zinc—Now this might be the last letter of the alphabet, but when it comes to healthy skin, Zinc is like a 24/7 doctor; just in tablet form. Some research has shown that Zinc can be very potent when treating irritations such as skin sores, minor wounds and acne—helping heal damaged wounds and tissues. Some advantages of using Zinc for healthy skin may include:

  • Scalp conditions—by using a shampoo that contains Zinc, fungal infections and dandruff might be something of the past.
  • Diaper Rash—Zinc has been proven to help heal and prevent diaper rash--so it's not only good for you, but your baby as well.
  • Acne—scarring and inflammation associated with acne, has been proven to better in time by taking Zinc orally on a daily basis. Want to stop your pimples from becoming a "huge" problem—drinking Zinc on a daily basis will most definitely help stop the process. Studies have shown that acne formulates as a result of a lack of Zinc in the body.
  • Protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays—most sunscreens should contain Zinc already, so if you are applying sunscreen, good for you! Researchers have been conducting investigations in the anti-cancerous benefits of Zinc, but research is yet to evolve!

Do you see now why I have put Zinc at the top of my list for Nutrients for healthy skin? Nutrients for Healthy Skin #2 Vitamin A—If you are taking enough Vitamin A in your daily diet already, taking even more for healthy skin, won’t really make a difference; remember that your body only takes what it needs and the rest will leave your body. With that being said though, if your levels drop—even a little bit—you will see the difference in your skin, which will include a flaky and dry complexion. Just like Zinc, Vitamin A is essential for the repair and maintenance of skin tissue. Sources of Vitamin A can be found if fruits and veggies—they are packed with goodness! The one that really makes a difference in healthy skin, is Topical Vitamin A; which is said to reduce wrinkles and lines and controls acne. You can get a prescription cream called Retin A, which is mainly used for the treatment of acne. Over the counter creams will be something like an anti-aging treatment. Stock up on fruit and veggies to retain healthy skin inside out. Nutrients for Healthy Skin #3 Vitamin C—One of the newest dermatologic discoveries is the potency of Vitamin C which will reverse the effects of exposure to the sun. Focused on reducing damage that was caused by sunlight, pollution, smoke and free radicals—Vitamin C is packed with goodness! Remember that collagen and elastin are the fibers that support a healthy skin structure and by exposing yourself to too much sunlight, will cause sings of aging and wrinkles, no doubt about that. We all know that citrus is packed with Vitamin C, so make sure your diet contains some of these sources. These can of course also be taken in tablet form up to 1000 milligrams per day, but together with Vitamin E, it really can work wonders for healthy skin! Nutrients for Healthy Skin #4 Vitamin E—As I mentioned, taking Vitamin E and C, this combination can be really potent when it comes to protecting your skin against the effects of the sun. Research shows that by taking 400 units of Vitamin E every day will not only reduce the risk of UV damage, but will also reduce production on the cells that cause cancer. Once again, taking this Vitamin will help with healthy skin, by reducing signs of aging—and let’s face it, most of us are scared of that word…AGING! Vitamin E can be found in numerous lotions and potions, but try keeping to the limit of 400 units or less per day. 

Top 5 Nutrients for Healthy Skin



Nutrients for Healthy Skin #5 Omega-3 Fatty Acids—This will be particularly helpful to retain healthy skin if you suffer from blackheads, whiteheads or inflamed skin. This nutrient is responsible for moisture content, skin repair and overall flexibility—and remember that the body does not produce Omega-3 Fatty Acids, so this has to be taken in some form of supplement. Foods that are rich in this can be found in salmon, mackerel, flaxseeds and safflower oil. When you balance your intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids your healthy skin will show by smoother and younger-looking skin. Another source of this nutrient is evening primrose and fish oil capsules—which does not only help healthy skin, mind you, but also depression, cancer and heart disease. There you have it…our Top 5 Nutrients for Healthy Skin—remember that your skin is the most powerful indicator of good health!